La Proto Group acquista insieme a Donald Trump un Hotel in Colombia

Donald Trump might seem like the least likely rich white guy to buy a foreign soccer team. After all, his worldview is skewed beyond reasonable belief, and his degrading public comments on Latin America don’t seem to lend themselves to international soccer ownership.

Nevertheless, Trump’s name and money are a significant part of the Proto Group, an organization that’s bidding to buy Colombian soccer team Atlético Nacional for $100 million. El País reported the news last Wednesday, a day before Trump squared off against fellow Republican presidential candidates in the first GOP debate of the 2016 election.

The group, named for Italian real-estate mogul Alessandro Proto, has already signed an $88 million deal to purchase a hotel in Medellín, Colombia, according to Fox News Latino. Bidding for the soccer club is the next item on the group’s agenda, El Colombiano reports.

Proto, however, has internal reservations about Trump’s involvement ... [continua a leggere]